Open Casting Call this Saturday August 19th between 10:00 am to 12:30 pm at Cameron Village Library. 1930 Clark Ave, Raleigh NC 27605

****CASTING CALL**** Upcoming Independent Feature Film: “MY 3 BOYS” A Shardi Film Production.

MAYBELINE a divorced woman who is struggling to find herself, discovers her only sister SHARON (mother of 3 young boys), is terminally ill. MAYBELINE’s life is turn upside down, as she takes on a role she never anticipated, fighting to save herself and the young boys

ROLES: AA- African American; C- Caucasian; O- open to all ethnicities 
Male- (m) and Female (f)

3 Boys- AA
AJ WILSON- 4-6yrs- (High energy, talkative, curious little guy)
JAMES WILSON 9-11 yrs- (Observant, funny, little sensitive)
MICHAEL WILSON 14-16 yrs- (Man in charge type, rebellious)

Other roles:
KEITH JACKSON (m) 40s-50s (ethnicity- C)
MOTHER TAYLOR (f) 60s-70s (ethnicity- C) – elderly, full of life personality, great smile
PETER (m) 40s (ethnicity- AA) – Maybeline’s deadbeat boyfriend
BEN (male) 16-18 (ethnicity –O) bad influence, troublemaker
DONOVAN (m) 30s-40s (ethnicity – AA) absentee, irresponsible father
DR. PALMER (male) 30s (ethnicity- O) – AJ’s doctor
BRUCE (male) 30s (ethnicity- O) Fletcher’s buddy and co-worker/loves to party
SANDRA (f) 20s-50s (ethnicity- O) school /carpool driver and babysitter
STUDENT (m/f) 9-12 (ethnicity –O) looking for 3 -4 students (various personalities)
LISA (f) 20s-30s (ethnicity –O) rude/disrespectful personality
OFFICE WORKERS and HOSPITAL PATIENTS 20s-50s (m/f) diverse
CHURCH GOERS (lots) all

If you are interested in any of the above roles, please submit your information (headshot, resume and monologue/reel if you have one, the role you are interested in) to Additionally, please feel free to follow us on our facebook and twitter page for updates. Open Casting call/ Live Audition details (location/time/date) will be posted shortly…

Please keep in mind that roles are non-paid and shooting/filming with be primarily in Raleigh surrounding areas